Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has responded to criticism regarding his touchline antics after receiving a yellow card against Chelsea last weekend.

The Gunners head coach has previously been scrutinised for his animated behaviour on the sidelines, with the likes of Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher questioning the Spaniard’s enthusiastic gestures during matches.

Speaking on The Overlap Fan Debate earlier this year, Neville said: “I spoke to a non-league coach and they had a briefing in pre-season about touchline behaviour and they said that Arteta was a big reason that it was brought in, because of last season’s behaviour.”

Meanwhile, Carragher admitting he was bemused by the way Arteta behaved during the Community Shield clash against Manchester City back in August.

The Liverpool legend added: “I thought it was interesting watching the game how wound up Arteta was on the side of the pitch after about 10 minutes. I love passion, we [Liverpool] have got Jurgen Klopp, you love it when he’s involved and we all love to see our managers show that.

Now, Arteta has spoken about changing his behaviour, admitting that his passion sometimes gets the best of him. “Sometimes when I look at myself and I’m so agitated I think it can sometimes give an image that is not the best, mainly for the club,” he said ahead of today’s Premier League clash against Sheffield United.

“Sometimes it’s difficult with the certain decision when you are in the heat, because you are representing the club and you want to defend them. That’s what drives me.

“It’s to defend the players, to defend the club. Nothing else. It’s not about me.

“You are there to be on it and make sure that we are the best we can be and the most competitive we possibly can be. That’s the drive, nothing else.

“I think I am changing. If you think differently, let me know. But I have made a conscious effort.”