Arsenal could sign Neto instead of a striker

For weeks and weeks we’ve been hearing about how Arsenal want a new centre-forward, namely Ivan Toney.

However, as we all know, the transfer window works in mysterious ways, and Arsenal may now be pivoting away from the idea of signing a striker.

According to Dean Jones, speaking on the Chasing Green Arrows Podcast, Arsenal may actually sign a different type of attacker rather than a centre-forward, claiming that Pedro Neto is someone they could instead opt to go for.

Jones shared what he knows about Arsenal’s plans and their interest in the £60m man.

“The message out of Arsenal right now is that they can’t afford a striker, but in a weird plot twist, someone told me the other day that they might sign a different type of forward instead of a striker, Pedro Neto at Wolves is someone they really like, I don’t think they will get him out of Wolves right now, but there is this temptation to go for a player like that,” Jones said.