Arsenal legend Ian Wright has hit out at critics of the team’s post-Liverpool celebrations after cutting comments from the likes of fellow pundits Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville.

The Gunners beat the Premier League leaders 3-1 in a pivotal victory at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday to deliver an enormous boost to their title chances, blowing what now appears to be a proper three-horse race for the first time in a decade wide open.

Arsenal’s players heavily celebrated with their home fans what could turn out to be an instrumental moment in their season and pursuit of a first top-flight title since 2003/04, with the significant relief of knowing that they had closed the gap to Liverpool to just two points with 15 games still to play this term.

Had Mikel Arteta’s side lost, then they would have been a full eight points behind the Reds and even more vulnerable to the charge from Manchester City, who currently sit third but with two games in hand starting away at Brentford on Monday night, with a win in west London enough to see them leapfrog Arsenal on goal difference.

Once again such passionate celebrations – which included Arteta going wild down the touchline – were subject to fierce criticism from pundits, with Carragher having little time for Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard snapping pictures of the long-time club photographer in front of jubilant fans following the full-time whistle.

“Just get down the tunnel,” the former Liverpool stalwart said on Sky Sports. “You’ve won a game, it’s three points.

“You’ve been brilliant, you’re back in the title race. Get down the tunnel. I’m serious, honestly.”

Fellow Sky Sports pundit Neville said: “For me, with the celebrations, I’ve gone past the idea of having a go at teams for celebrating.

“I just still think there’s a little bit of immaturity in their celebrations. Which means, to me, it felt like relief that they weren’t eight points behind.”

However, Arsenal hero Wright released his own video on social media strongly dismissing such criticism and telling the club’s fans, players and Arteta to revel in the winning moments.

“The negativity towards my manager, man. What has he done apart from celebrating a goal?” he said in footage posted to X, formerly Twitter.

“Celebrating his team, celebrating a team that is trying to beat these juggernauts, Liverpool and Man City.

“And because he’s celebrating? Because Martin Odegaard is taking a picture with Stuart the photographer? A lifelong Gunner. This man has been supporting Arsenal since he was what five, or something ridiculous like that.

“Just taking a picture in front of the North Bank, what’s wrong with the captain doing that?

“It’s got nothing to do with the fact that we’ve just beaten Liverpool, that’s just an opportunity. Why is everybody trying to kill the joy? Don’t kill the joy.

“There’s so much of the season to go. As soon as Arsenal do anything, they just come under a pile-on. It’s like we can’t have any joy.

“It’s like England at a World Cup or a Euros, as soon as England start doing well everyone is jumping on them.

“It’s the same thing that happens with Arsenal. Don’t let them spoil the joy. Keep doing what you’re doing. Whatever is going to be will be. Do not kill the joy.

“My manager, celebrate with passion like you do, because that’s what it’s about.

“People are expecting us to bottle it and lose these games and we’re going through it, we’re getting ourselves through, through injuries and everything, and the hatred is just so intense.

“Just leave us alone, man. if it doesn’t happen like you normally do. Leave us alone in the joy.

“Enjoy, Arsenal fans. Enjoy our moments. Because that’s all this game is: moments. And we had one tonight, we beat the great Liverpool who are top of the league. Up the Gunners.”