Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka has made an honest admission about what he does when defenders constantly try to foul him.

The England international scored his seventh goal in five Premier League games during the 4-1 win against Newcastle, which was also the Gunners’ fifth consecutive victory.

Another three points saw Arsenal close the gap on title rivals Liverpool and Manchester City, with the latter winning against Bournemouth after Jurgen Klopp’s side beat Luton Town earlier in the week. With 25 goals in six games, Arsenal now lead the way for goal difference with a tally of 39 compared to Man City’s 33 and Liverpool’s 38.

Following another win, Saka, who is the third most-fouled player in the Premier League this season, revealed why he is constantly smiling before explaining how and why defenders try to stop him the way they do. “I just think it’s me,” he told beIN SPORTS when asked how he’s able to smile in the heat of battle.

“When I go on the pitch I’m there to have fun and to enjoy. I would say I learned a lot over the last few seasons, when I started to get more and more tackles and defenders have started to enjoy more and more kicking me, I spoke to a few defenders and now I understand it.

“So for me, when I see a defender trying to smash me, as long as he doesn’t get me, I’m laughing or I’m smiling because I take it as a compliment. So we’re all just trying to do our best for the team. I just try and keep my temper, because I know when I do I lose my head, I don’t play well. I hope I haven’t given a secret to the opposition there.”

Asked who he’s spoken to, Saka admitted: “I’m not going to say names because I feel like those conversations should stay between me and them, but I’ve had a few conversations with opposition, even sometimes the players here, when I ask, ‘why are you guys like this? Why do you just want to smash players?’

“They just explain to me so I understand and once I understand it’s easy for me to get on with it more. As long as no one tackles me really, really badly [it’s okay] because obviously I don’t want to be injured or I don’t want to be playing through pain, I don’t think anyone wants that.”