Campbell gave his verdict on Kai havertz, insist the German international has been judges for the wrong reasons.

Everyone is busy focusing on what Havertz isn’t bringing to this Arsenal team in terms of goals and assists and they’re ignoring what he does bring to the side.

Yes, havertz doesn’t score or assist many, granted he did score from the penalty spot against Bournemouth on Saturday, but he can be semi-useful in the attack in terms of creating space and occupying defenders.

Speaking on the BBC Radio Five Live Football Daily Podcast, Kevin Campbell has been discussing Havertz at Arsenal, and he says that he’s actually a very efficient player who is being judged for the wrong reasons.

Campbell on Kai havertz: “For me Fletch he is lacking confidence and any player who is lacking confidence will have bits missing from their game, that’s just the way it is. The fact of the matter is that Kai Havertz adds an efficiency to Arsenal that people won’t give him credit for, because as far as people are concerned he cost £65m and he should be scoring five or 10 goals a week. It doesn’t work like that, it’s a new system, he needs to learn how Arsenal play, and that attacking prowess has to come with confidence and his confidence is low,”