David Ornstein shares Declan Rice update to Arsenal fans late last night

Arsenal fans are frustrated that their club haven’t announced the signing of Declan Rice yet – David Ornstein has now shared the latest on the situation.

The Gunners went into the market with three key targets – Kai Havertz, Jurrien Timber and of course, Rice. The German has been unveiled but the two others are still said to be waiting on the wings.

Arsenal fans are far from pleased and there are some concerns that the deal may be in doubt now. Ornstein, however, put all the fears to rest on Sky Sports last night (July 12, 10:51 pm).

David Ornstein says Declan Rice to Arsenal deal is done and dusted

Arsenal have never been ones to announce transfers very fast, but they really are taking their own sweet time with the Declan Rice and Jurrien Timber deals, aren’t they?

Reports have claimed for well over a week now that the Gunners have agreed everything to sign the two players. Both of them have even reportedly completed their medicals.

An official announcement, however, is nowhere to be found, and reports have emerged that West Ham are not too pleased with the delay.


Arsenal fans have been really worried since, but Ornstein has told all of them to sit back and relax because this deal is done!

He said: “My understanding is pretty much everything is done and dusted. For Arsenal fans, there’s nothing to be concerned about, they’re committing a record fee – £100 million plus £5 million in add-ons – the announcement can take time on a deal of this magnitude.

“There’s a lot to work through on various sides of the deal, but to my knowledge, it is on track and they’ll get the final stages done, then everyone will get this announcement they’ve been waiting for in due course!”