Dean Saunders has claimed that Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta needs to ‘keep his composure’ to become an all-time great manager.

Speaking on talkSPORT, Saunders explained why he thinks Mikel Arteta is destined to become one of the great Premier League managers, provided he can keep his cool on the touchline.

Much has been made of Arteta’s antics on the touchline over the past year, with the likes of Richard Keys labelling him a ‘clown’ last season.

The Arsenal boss is certainly not afraid of making his feelings clear in the dugout and tempers boiled over after the controversial 1-0 defeat at St James’ Park earlier this month.

And while Dean Saunders believes Arteta will become one of the best to manage in the Premier League, he feels the Gunners boss needs to show more composure to make that a reality.

“I think [Mikel] Arteta can be one of the all-time great managers providing his head doesn’t explode first,” the pundit said.

“If he keeps his head because I think he’s got it in him to just explode. He did it at Anfield, he’s done it the other day.

“I know it’s easy saying it but he’s got to keep his composure and he could be one of the all-time great managers for me.”