Declan Rice has heaped praise on Arsenal set-piece coach Nicolas Jover for the incredible work he has done at the club.

Mikel Arteta and Arsenal’s players often get the credit they deserve for their performances. The backroom staff, however, rarely ever get any praise, but Jover is receiving a lot of love from fans this season. Rice has now had his say.

Arsenal have been the kings of the Premier League when it comes to set-pieces. The Gunners have scored more goals from dead-ball situations than any other club in the English top-flight. They are a huge threat in set-pieces now, and that’s all thanks to Nicolas Jover.

The 42-year-old has been at Arsenal since the summer of 2021. He has played a massive part in the Gunners’ development behind the scenes, and people have been recognising his work since the start of last season.

Declan Rice has now had his say on Jover. The midfielder has claimed that the Arsenal set-piece coach is extremely hardworking, which is something people outside the club don’t get to see.

The Englishman told iNews: “Behind the scenes, he’s just so hard-working. Nobody sees that they just see him on the sideline celebrating set-pieces!

“But he’s always got his laptop in his hand, always working, always striving to be better, always pulling lads for individual meetings to say ‘you’re not doing this right’ or ‘you can improve that’. I think that’s good, it means we’re not going stale.

“We’re constantly improving, constantly taking criticism if we need it. He’s been really good to work with and is open to new ideas and I’m really relishing that.”