Eric Dier has named Arsenal attackers Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and Leandro Trossard as the three players Bayern Munich need to watch in their Champions League quarter-final.

The Gunners host Bayern in the first leg of their last-eight clash on Tuesday night. Dier is set to start in defence for the visitors after joining them from Tottenham in the January transfer window.

His time at Spurs means he has valuable knowledge on what Bayern can expect to face over the two legs. And the former England star believes that it is Arsenal’s trio of wingers who will cause his side the most problems.

Dier picked out their pace specifically as the key attribute that his side will need to guard against the most. But he insisted that a pacy counter attack is something he has experience in defending since his move to Bayern.

“We’ll have to be cautious of Arsenal on the counterattack. I know Bukayo Saka very well and Gabriel Martinelli, they’ve got great pace on the wings. Leandro Trossard has proved to be a really good player,” Dier told The Overlap.

“That’s something we’ll have to pay a lot of attention to. It’s something that I’ve experienced a lot since I’ve been here in the Bundesliga with teams trying to counterattack us, so we’ll have to keep our eyes out for that.

“Football is beautiful in this way, where it always seems to give you these storylines, with myself and Harry Kane facing Arsenal so soon after leaving England. When you get to this point in the Champions League, every team is going to be difficult.

“You’re going to have to beat some top teams to get to the final. For Harry Kane and me, it might feel a little different than the rest of the team, but for everyone else, it’s just a normal Champions League tie. I’m sure Harry will have more of an impact on the game than me.”

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta admitted his side are in strong form, but was keen to keep their feet on the ground. He warned the Gunners that Dier and his team-mates will put up a strong test.

“We’re really enjoying the moment, this is where we want to be. We’re in a really good position in the Premier League and we’re in a really good position in the Champions League. We have a big task ahead of us against one of the most successful teams in Europe,” he said.

“They’re a tough team. I’m a big fan, a big admirer of Thomas [Tuchel], his teams, the way they settle and play, the way they transmit. I learn a lot about him and looking at Bayern and when you are analysing this league, you see why they are a top team.

“We have prepared very well, and we have to take our game where we want it, and if we do that, we have a chance to win. Tomorrow is a big task but we’re really looking forward to it.”