Former Premier League boss Alan Pardew has urged the FA to change the handball law following Arsenal’s draw at Chelsea.

Pardew claims Gunners defender William Saliba was unfairly punished for handling the ball in his own area.

Pardew says it is nearly impossible to decide whether an arm movement was indeed natural or not.

He said on talkSPORT: “My view is that unnatural arm movement, I have a problem with that whole concept. Because unnatural arm movement is very difficult to assess.

“I’ve coached players for 30 years and whenever they’re defending, when they’re throwing their bodies around, when they’re trying to get a block in, when they’re unbalanced and they have to get back on balance, their arms are always in unnatural positions. But it’s not until the ball hits it that it does look unnatural.

“Saliba goes up in that position and he’s literally trying to head the ball and it hits his arm. Okay, as the rule stands it’s a penalty and I get that, I’ve got no problem with that.

“But it’s the rule that we need to change. Fans are not stupid, they’re smart people. Every Chelsea fan in that stadium was up when it hit his hand, they know, they put the referee under pressure.

“So there’s a lot of questions around that and I’m sure there are lots of theories and lots of other people’s opinions. But that’s my opinion.”

The decision nearly cost Arsenal, with Chelsea doubling their lead early in the second half. But goals from Declan Rice and Leandro Trossard stole a late draw for Mikel Arteta’s side.

Arteta hinted afterwards that he didn’t think a penalty was the right call

He said: “Well, the law is clear as well in where the ball has to be in relation to the action and it’s very close. It’s impossible to jump without lifting your hands, it’s just mechanically impossible.”