Hutchinson says martin odegaard is “ Amazing player” also claim the Arsenal skipper is as influential as De Bruyne

Speaking on Premier League Productions, Don Hutchison has been speaking incredibly highly of Odegaard, even going as far as to compare him to Kevin De Bruyne in terms of his influence on this Arsenal team.

The Norwegian has been absolutely fantastic over the past 18 months, and his great form is showing no signs of slowing down.

“Amazing player. He reminds me of Kevin De Bruyne in how influential he is on the pitch and how good he is on the ball. Never really panics. Always seems to make the right decisions. He gets in good areas. I think he is the one, when you talk about Erling Haaland, De Bruyne or Rodri, who make Man City tick, then I think Bukayo Saka and even more so, this man, Odegaard, he is the top man,” Hutchison said.

“He’s not particularly vocal, but he does it by his actions. When they are losing games. He then says, ‘give me the ball. I still want it. I will still take it in tight areas.’ He’s 24 and to be captain of Arsenal. What a position to be in. Unbelievable player.”