Ian Wright and Thierry Henry are still praying for a Premier League title miracle for Arsenal but can only see Manchester City claiming the trophy.

Both sides head into the final day of the season with a chance to be named champions. Pep Guardiola’s side are in prime position having built a two-point lead with their win against Tottenham.

If City beat West Ham on the last day, they will claim a fourth successive title – becoming the first club in the history of English football to achieve that feat. Any less than that opens the door to the Gunners – who must beat Everton in their finale.

Ex-Arsenal striker Wright is praying for that situation but still thinks City will be celebrating come the final whistle. Speaking on the Wrighty’s House podcast, he said: “There is a scenario where something like that could happen (City drop points). I’m trying to find a way to hang on to the hope!

“I’m so proud of this Arsenal team and I’m delighted they’ve taken it to the final day, these players deserve to have a slim, slim chance of something happening and that’s what they’ve got.

“You never know and this is what is so great about football. I keep thinking of different scenarios where we might be able to be champions but it’s hard to see past this light blue machine.”

Wright is not the only one keeping his fingers crossed. Fellow former striker Thierry Henry still has hope but has a similar nagging feeling that City will get over the line and extend the Gunners two-decade wait for a title.

Speaking to the BBC, the Frenchman said: “It’s in their hands and I know how I would have been. I had that like, (growls). It’s them, I’ve seen them doing it so many times to the (Sergio) Aguero moment, to the Tottenham game the other day to whatever.

“I’ve seen them not collapsing so it bothers me to think that they will. But the fan on the other side, the fan on the other side is like, ‘Hey listen, you never know what can happen’.

“When the ref’s going to blow the whistle, I hope that’s not going to bring me back to reality because reality right now unfortunately for anyone else, is that only the City fans be cocky. Only the City fans can be talking.

“When you know you can’t back it up, don’t give that look. I give that look if I can back it up. We win? Oh. If we win and we have the trophy, oh don’t come and interview me, I’m going to talk, I’m going to speak a lot but City is a special team. I just hope that they’re not going to win.”