Jamie Carragher has now been having his say on who he’d like Arsenal to draw in the next round of the Champions League if they progress.

Mikel Arteta’s side do have a tie with FC Porto to contend with before they even get to that point, which begins later this month.

However, Arsenal fans will be forgiven for wondering why Carragher even cares who Arteta’s side end up facing, after all, his team Liverpool aren’t in the competition this year.

But when speaking on the ‘Stick to Football’ podcast, the pundit explained how Arsenal’s draw could help Jurgen Klopp’s side, and paid them quite the compliment in the process.

Carragher actually wanted Arsenal to face Manchester City in the next round of the Champions League, and he explained why.

Speaking to Gary Neville, Carragher said: “I’d love Arsenal to get City in the quarters because I think Arsenal are one of the few teams who could knock City out.”

Neville replied: “Is that for Liverpool in the league?”

Carragher: “Yeah because when you play an English team in Europe everything ramps up in Europe.

“The press, everything. The league games before and afterwards, this game just becomes so big and that probably would help Liverpool. But we don’t want City to win it again, do we?”

So whilst Carragher did have Liverpool’s fortunes at mind, Arsenal fans won’t mind the compliment.