Piers Morgan has said that Arsenal need to play Gabriel Martinelli as the central striker for the rest of the season.

The TV personality and Arsenal fan wants Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta to drop Gabrel Jesus to accommodate Martinelli.

Gabriel Jesus, who has had injury issues, starts as the central striker upfront in a three-man forward line. Morgan thinks that Arteta should drop Jesus and play Leandro Trossard on the left with Martinelli moving into the middle.

Morgan said on talkSPORT: “I have come up with a masterplan because I am sick and tired of Arsenal not having a proper striker. I think Arteta has a blind spot about this. He has a ridiculous allegiance towards Havertz, who I don’t think is good enough. So, here’s my masterplan.

“I think after what happened on Sunday, we have to have a midfield which has Jorginho and Rice. Apart from anything else, Jorginho is very calm and does his stuff brilliantly, but he also brings out the best in Rice.

“Now, upfront, here’s what I am going to do. I think Martinelli should pull a Thierry Henry and start playing down the middle. Saka on the right, Trossard on the left. I would bench Jesus. I would send Havertz back to Chelsea, and I would do that.

“And I think for the rest of the season, let’s do that. Let’s have the quick, strong guy down the middle and let’s actually have a proper go at having a striker because at the moment the one weakness in this team is we don’t have anyone down the middle who can finish. Havertz doesn’t want to do it, he is not good enough, he is not a proper striker.”