Pundit says one Arsenal player looked so calm against Porto last night

The occasion appeared to get to the Gunners on Wednesday night as they played their first Champions League knockout game in half a decade.

Many of Arsenal’s players were playing in their very first Champions League knockout game, and to be honest, you could tell that many of these players hadn’t played on this stage before.

Indeed, a number of the Gunners’ key players appeared to freeze, but one player who was able to come into the game and adapt to the occasion with ease was Jorginho.

Jorginho played the last 20 minutes for Arsenal against Porto, and he was able to bring a bit of control back to the midfield.

Speaking on Virgin Media Sport, Brian Kerr has been discussing Jorginho’s showing against Porto, and he says that he was very good against Porto, never looking as though he was playing under pressure on the day.

“The approach was a bit conservative, when they put Jorginho on it was the team that beat Liverpool and played really well. He doddled through the game, he was very good, never under pressure. I don’t think they expected to win tonight, but they gave it more of a go than Arsenal did, so they just about deserved to shade it,” Kerr said.