Rob Holding says Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka is so strong it’s ridiculous

Rob Holding spent seven years at Arsenal and was a very popular member of the squad. The Englishman was loved by everyone at London Colney, and even though he didn’t play a lot in his final few years, he was very close to everyone at the club.

Holding played with a number of top-quality players during his time at Arsenal. Bukayo Saka was one of those he saw right from when he made his debut, and it’s clear that he admires the youngster.

One trait that stands out for Holding about Saka is his strength – he thinks it’s absolutely ‘ridiculous’ how strong the 22-year-old is.

Holding said on Harry’s Gym Chat: “He’s so strong! He’s so strong, like people bounce off him.

“I remember the first time I noticed him and was like ‘wow he’s strong’ was I think it was (Seamus) Coleman come flying into him to nail him and Bukayo was just gone, he just bounced off him and carried on running.

“I was like ‘nah, this guy’s not real. This guy’s ridiculous’.”