Sky journalist says ‘world class’ player is going to sign for Arsenal

Declan Rice will ultimately end up at Arsenal this summer according to Sky Sports journalist Dharmesh Sheth.

The reporter was speaking to Hayters TV about a number of transfer rumours heading into this summer, and he was asked a few quickfire questions about who will end up where.

Inevitably, Sheth was asked about Rice to Arsenal, and he was quite bold in his reply.

Indeed, Sheth avoided straying into the territory of saying ‘maybe’ when asked about Rice to Arsenal, instead giving a strong ‘yes’ indicating that he expects this one to happen.

Rice to Arsenal

Sheth said that he expects this deal to happen.


“We’re going to go into a real quickfire. I’m going to say a name and a team and you just say in your opinion if you think it will happen, yes, no or maybe, try not to say maybe for every single one. We’ll start with the big one, Declan Rice?” Sheth was asked.


“To Arsenal? Yes,” Sheth said.

Not on the fence

Fair play to Sheth for not sitting on the fence here.

Time and time again you see transfer journalists beating around the bush and adding caveats to their stories, but Sheth has been very straightforward here, he expects the ‘world class‘ midfielder to join Arsenal.

Of course, with many twists and turns to go in this race, time will only tell if the Sky journalist proves to be correct in his prediction, but at least he has made a prediction.


Manchester City could well scupper this deal, but, as Sheth says, Arsenal are still looking the most likely to get this deal done.