The Premier League will have identical trophies waiting at the Etihad and Emirates Stadium on the final day, ensuring they are ready for a title-winning party at either venue.

Both Manchester City and Arsenal can win the title on Sunday, with City one point clear of the Gunners after their win at Tottenham last night.

City will be crowned champions if they beat West Ham, but any slip-up could let in Arsenal, who face Everton.

With more than 200 miles separating the Etihad and the Emirates, the Premier League will have trophies at both grounds.

There are two Premier League trophies, which are identical and include an engraved base detailing past champions.

During the season, one trophy stays with the champions and the other is used by the Premier League. Both are engraved after the final day.

Identical podiums and pyrotechnics will be in place at the Emirates and the Etihad for a trophy presentation.

There will be 40 medals at each ground. Every player who has made five Premier League appearances this season will get a medal, and the rest distributed to the manager, players and officials as the club sees fit.